Google Drive File Stream Lost & Found Directory – SOLVED
March 20, 2019
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July 3, 2019

Do you offer Email?

In short – No – and you shouldn’t get one from us either!

Our feeling is that no small/medium business should operate their own email server.  We recommend and can help our customers migrate their email to Google’s G-Suite package.  From $6 per user/per month (or free for Not for Profits), you will outsource your email worries to Google’s team of security experts.  In our experience, most email viruses are automatically flagged and removed by Google.  Google’s spam detection is the best we’ve seen.  Furthermore, as an organization, we use Google Drive as our network storage, together with Google File Stream, it removes the worry of daily backups, keeps every version of a file and allows simultaneous editing in Google Docs by multiple people.

If you need help migrating an existing email server, or would like to discuss moving your files from an on-premises file server, then please get in touch.